Hearings to Begin for Student Drug Charges

Arraignments begin today and tomorrow for some of the UMW students arrested in the Fredericksburg Police Department’s crackdown on illegal drug sales.

Last Friday, the campus was stunned by the announcement of the arrests of 14 current UMW students and one former student, in what city police are calling one of Fredericksburg’s largest drug busts in terms of number of suspects.

The police delayed making the investigation and arrests public to ensure that those suspected of drug activity were not tipped off to the possibility of their arrests.

“We could have waited four more months, and brought in 15 or 20 more people,” Sgt. Pat Reed said. “But the information makes people realize what’s going on. They are going to be more cautious now.”

The most recent arrests began Wednesday, when search warrants were served in dorm rooms in Custis, Jefferson and Marshall Halls. The arrests ended Friday, according to a press release from Natatia Bledsoe, public information officer for the Fredericksburg Police Department.

Stuart Smith, 19, of Alexandria, Va., was arrested at Marshall Hall and charged on Oct. 13 with possession of narcotics and distribution of narcotics, including Ecstasy and prescription narcotics. He was also charged with possession of marijuana. Smith also has a pending misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana in Alexandria, having been arrested on Oct. 8.

Charles Kinniburgh, 18, of McLean, Va., was arrested at Jefferson Hall and charged with a misdemeanor for distribution and possession of marijuana.

Charles Cowan III, 20, of Orange, Va., was charged with two felony counts for the distribution of narcotics, including ecstasy and prescription narcotics. A warrant for his arrest was issued on Oct. 13 and he turned himself in at the Fredericksburg Police Department on Oct. 14.

William Crowder, 20, of Fredericksburg was charged with felony distribution of narcotics. He was arrested at 4 a.m. on Oct. 15.

Crowder was picked up by the UMW police and turned over to the Fredericksburg Police Department along with Abraham Dayton.

Dayton, 19, of Fairfax was charged with felony distribution of narcotics as well. He was arrested on Oct. 15.

“Felony sale of narcotics is just as serious and dangerous if you are a college student with a privileged background or if you are a high school dropout living in a poorer neighborhood,” Bledsoe said. “You will be treated the same by the police and the judge.”

The maximum penalty for these felonies is five years in prison and a fine of $25,000. The maximum penalty for these misdemeanors is 12 months in jail and a penalty of $2,500.

According to the police, the narcotics violations on the UMW campus have involved the sale and distribution of capsules called “Mollys,” which commonly contain ecstasy and are often combined with other illegal narcotics such as cocaine and heroin.

Doug Searcy, vice president for student affairs, said in a statement yesterday that about 20 UMW students have sought medical attention at the Mary Washington Hospital emergency room for drug-induced reactions this fall, particularly after taking “Mollys.”

Prescription narcotics like hydrocodone and OxyContin were also being sold for recreational use, as well as patches of Fentanyl, which is 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine, according to Bledsoe.

“The distribution of these dangerous narcotics represents a serious threat to the UMW community and to the whole Fredericksburg region,” said Brent Taylor, detective division commander for the Fredericksburg Police Department, in a press release. “I hope these arrests send a clear message that such illegal activities will not be tolerated.”

The investigation remains open and active, city police said, adding that they expect to arrest more suspects.

The investigations began on July 29 with the arrest of Tyler Troutman, 20, of Warrenton, Va., and Sebastian Ensign, also 20, and of Warrenton.

Police were conducting a sting operation with a dealer when Troutman and Ensign appeared and seemed to have made a purchase from the same dealer who was already part of an ongoing investigation. Police then stopped their vehicle on College Avenue and charged them for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Ensign was also arrested for possession of a narcotic, according to Bledsoe’s press release. At the time of the arrest, Ensign was suspended from UMW, according to Reed.

Troutman pled guilty to all charges and received first offender status, according to police.

Ensign has had a preliminary trial and will go before a grand jury Monday.

On Sept. 3, detectives were notified by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service of a package addressed to a house on Kenmore Avenue that contained approximately two pounds of marijuana. Another half pound was discovered later, according to city police.

The package did not have any distinguishing characteristics and was only found in a random search by the postal service. It was a normal-sized white postal service box.

The detectives then observed its delivery and arrested the three residents of the home, Bledsoe said.

Police said that William Bleimeister, 19, was charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

In Virginia, both of the counts are felonies.

Derek Rhule, 19, was also charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

Bleimeister and Rhule will go before a jury on Oct. 25.

John Collins, 19, was charged with a misdemeanor for distribution of marijuana.

Sarah Treacy, 19, of Goochland arrived on the scene while detectives were present to make a purchase. She texted to one of the residents her intent to purchase marijuana once the package was received by the resident, Bledsoe said. Police texted back on the suspect’s phone, which had already been seized, that she should come over. She was then charged with misdemeanor for possession of marijuana, said Bledsoe.

“I had suspicions with the first package,” said Reed. “We received some anonymous calls following up and realized there was something going on.”

Treacy and Collins will go to court today.

On Sept. 30, detectives were warned of another package containing illegal substances through the cooperation of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Virginia State Police Drug Task Force, said city police.

According to Bledsoe, detectives observed the delivery and receipt of a package to 1617 Stafford Ave. The package contained approximately one and a half pounds of marijuana.

According to city police, the homes two residents, Kyle Dexheimer and Colin Rom, were taken into custody.

Dexheimer, 21, was charged with felony counts of possession with the intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana. He has not yet attended court.

Rom, 21, was charged with a misdemeanor for the possession of marijuana. He was issued a summons and must still go to court.

Two residents of Rowe Street were also present and arrested during this investigation.

Andrew Freakley, 20, and Barak Holtslag, 21, were charged with possession and the intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Neither have gone to preliminary trials.

The Bullet attempted to contact all of the students charged. Freakley, Rom, Bleimeister and Cowan declined to comment; the rest did not respond to requests for comment.

According to Searcy, the administration was in contact with the Fredericksburg Police Department when the events began to unfold.

“It is very unfortunate that the alleged incidents occurred involving UMW students, and I am distressed to learn about them,” President Rick Hurley said. “As President, I firmly believe that this type of activity is not indicative of students at the University of Mary Washington.”

Searcy was also distressed to learn about the arrests. However, he noted that UMW is no exception to drug problems across college campuses.

“Drugs are everywhere and UMW is not immune to these external influences,” Searcy said. “From my perspective, one case is too much. Illegal substances are illegal for a reason – they are detrimental to our students and to the educational process, not to mention that these substances are dangerous and can have severe health ramifications.   The more we are able to educate and engage students regarding this topic the stronger we will be as a community.”

Students have also been surprised by the recent arrests.

“One of these guys lived in my dorm freshman year,” said senior Brad Dunn. “And I was really surprised when all this came out, all at once.  I think some of these kids had reputations for having weed, but I don’t think anyone knew the full extent of what was going on.”

Some students believe that these crimes were punished too severely.

“They never approached or bothered me with it,” said sophomore Anna Pietras. “I don’t think the cops arresting them really created any positive change on campus.  I mean, the first month of school I got a bunch of e-mails about violent crimes off campus.  I think the police should be focusing on those crimes.  These students weren’t hurting anyone.”

However, Bledsoe stated that those arrested are “just as dangerous as any other drug dealer out there. They don’t know the source they are receiving drugs from. They assume they are getting one thing but may well be getting something else.”

According to Reed, some of the pharmaceutical drugs were from outside of the U.S.

“There is no FDA to oversee these drugs,” Reed said. “You don’t have a clue what is in them. They are potentially deadly with the wrong dose or combination with other drugs or alcohol.”

Bledsoe stressed the seriousness of these crimes.

“The life consequences of being a convicted felon are that you are a second-class citizen,” Bledsoe said. “If they don’t understand that, then I don’t know what to say.”

– Ryan Marr, Jessica Masulli and Heather Brady contributed to this report.

Photo courtesy of Fredericksburg Police Department Public Information Officer Natatia Bledsoe and Rappahannock Regional Jail Captain Patricia Leonard.  From top row, from left: Abraham Dayton, William Bleimeister, Kyle Dexheimer.  Middle row, from left: Derek Rhule, Stuart Smith, Andrew Freakley.  Bottom row, from left: Charles Cowan III, William Crowder, Barak Holtslag. Sebastian Ensign’s picture is not available at this time. All of those pictured are being charged with felony indictments.

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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for the follow up, guys. Keep us informed.

  2. debbi says:

    Its time for the public to wake up. The publishing of this drug bust was the duty of the Bullet as well as the Campus of Mary Washington. Anyone who says different is living in a dream. These kids have the gift of going to a great University, at a time when things are hard economically and they do this? My nephew is one of the arrested and there was NO reason for him to be doing this. Shame on him for not appreciating the gift of a good life….

  3. Ben says:

    Just to clear up a minor issue: Molly is not made plural the way Lori Klopp’s email and this article refer to it.

    For example:
    “I bought 30 Molly capsuls” is correct, as opposed to “I bought 30 Mollies”

    or so I hear…

  4. Jennifer says:

    Also, molly is not typically comprised of the anonymous mix of drugs, as suggested in the article. While people might do other drugs in addition to a molly, molly is typically distinguished as pure MDMA (ecstasy). http://www.erowid.org/ask/ask.php?ID=1793

  5. curious says:

    Ok, so 20 students have sought medical attention for molly capsules, how many students have sought medical attention for drinking?

  6. Cullen says:

    Seriously? MORE pictures? WHY? So UMW students can avoid these young men? I can gurantee that many of these guys are some of the nicest guys around, even if they made a mistake involving drugs. There are a series of facts that are FALSE, and need to be double-checked by this reporter or editor. A follow-up would’ve been more appropriate if it focused on the OTHER side of the issue, whether or not certain people declined to comment. You displayed almost the exact same information as detailed in the first article, with one or two sentences thrown in for more “information”. Another piece of upsetting and disappointing journalism on this subject from the Bullet, thanks again guys.

  7. Loopy-de-Loop says:

    The journalism itself is tightly written and I see no bias. Nothing but the facts. But again, as if to make sure we didn’t forget, HERE ARE PICTURES OF THE ACCUSED CRIMINALS.

  8. Individual Right says:

    The University of Mary Washington’s Police Department (in this series of investigations on all students current and former) and history of how these types of illegal activities have been executed should be carefully looked by the campus student community. In the past, the University of Mary Washington’s Judicial and Student Affairs have first and foremost defended their young students’ privacy prior to the outcome of their trials. I have never seen the Bullet expose and incriminate its own fellow students. I have also never regarded the Bullet chase after these students to gain information on what the Bullet should certainly know as their constitutional right to privacy. I am sure that, once my fellow alumni have read this article, none of us will give further support for the Bullet.

    For what I understand, the University of Mary Washington have had a long-standing reputation for Honor and honesty, however, I am deeply concerned that a turn-around in publicly exposing the images, full names, and age of the alleged students have in fact harmed the University’s reputation.

    The Bullet serves as a torch in leadership and the strength of campus dignity for all students, former and current. However, as a former student of this distinguished University, I cannot see any draw of community strength nor the light of leadership from the University of Mary Washington by exposing these fifteen students. I dearly hope that the University of Mary Washington continue to hold its record as a distinctive campus known to possess “…respect for diverse points of view…” and the Judicial System to provide its students the right “to be presumed not responsible unless found responsible for any charges.”

  9. MWC Grad says:

    I am disappointed to see the trend the comments on this and other related articles have taken. At what point did your enrollment at a university or college give you the right to ignore the laws of the town, city, state or country that you live in?
    The fact of the matter is that the Bullet could have ignored this story which sat right under its nose and printed fluff about how great college life is and what Seacobeck is serving for dinner, or it could have done what it did – reported a breaking story as accurately as it could with the information given.
    Grow up this is not middle school or high school – most of the people who are staffing the Bullet do so because they have aspirations to a career in the media. Mug shots are released ALL the time – just pick up any paper – by the POLICE DEPARTMENT. I don’t see where the Bullet followed the accused and took pictures in order to “out” the students. I don’t see where the Bullet conjectured about the charges. What I see is a story that I would have found in the Richmond Times Dispatch or the Free Lance Star.
    The accused were given an opportunity to respond and they were probably told by their lawyers to keep quiet, as most accused criminals are. So don’t cry foul or unfair!
    If the students of UMW think that there is no drug or drinking problem or other crime on campus – open your eyes!! Those problems have existed since before I graduated 20 years ago. Why do you think UMW became a dry campus? My sophomore year a freshman died of alcohol poisoning – and that WAS reported and UMW implemented a no alcohol policy.
    There is crime wherever you go and people make bad choices. The point of this story was to report the facts. If the students involved are embarassed – tough crap – they should not have been doing anything illegal. Do you think the UVA students defended George Huguely when his mug shot was published after he was arrested as “accused”? Do you think the Va Tech student body was outraged when a picture of Seung-Hui Cho was published with a list of his crimes or the pictures of the victims?
    Come on UMW – please tell me that you are not spoiled kids who whine when they get caught expecting a slap on the wrist rather than a real world charge… You are adults who are being given an opportunity many don’t get – Don’t blow it by being stupid, take responsibility and stop blaming others when YOU do things wrong!!!

  10. UMW Grad says:

    To MWC Grad. While I agree that the Bullet had the right to publish this story, comparing these “accused” students to a mass-murderer who killed himself and a Rapist-murderer who confessed his guilt is overkill. Why don’t you take it down a notch. While these drug charges are by no means your every day pot deal, lets not paint these guys as so criminal we dont allow anyone the opinion to defend the accused.

  11. Meg Baker says:

    To MWC Grad

    While I agree that The Bullet didn’t do anything wrong, I would like to ask you not to perpetuate the myth that UMW is a dry campus. It is not.

  12. MWC Grad says:

    To Meg – my point about UMW being a “dry” campus was simply to emphasize that it is a rule – you get caught, take responsibility, take your punishment and move on. I was not an angel in school, but I knew the rules, broke enough, suffered the consequences and learned. The bothersome part of this whole story for me is the fact that there are so many who think the students involved are being maligned and unfairly persecuted. Facts remain – adulthood begins at 18, buying and selling drugs is illegal, and when you get caught you will be punished. Many have commented that the persons involved didn’t hurt anyone – how do you know? Their “customers” may have overdosed or reacted to poor quality drugs. They may have been raped or put themselves in harms way, not to mention the huge risk the people arrested put themselves at by participating in illegal activities. Where is the sense of responsibility and awareness that your actions affect many around you?

  13. Matt baker says:

    Of course it’s embarrassing that the public knows what you did ……but isn’t that the way life is the rest of the time anyway? You harm the society around you and they get warned about you. Our free society demands that the public has a right to know who respects the law and who doesn’t. We can’t afford to “protect” felons from a natural consequence of their actions

  14. Edie says:

    This is for “Individual Right.” A newspaper’s reporting of public information is not a violation of anyone’s right to privacy. These guys are still innocent until proven guilty, and the publication of a story like this doesn’t jeopardize that in any way. In fact, something tells me the Bullet will do a great job of following this story all the way to its conclusion, through the courts system — and if any of these guys are found not guilty, I’m sure it’ll be reported in the same responsible manner the charges were.

    When UMW’s Judicial Affairs office handles an allegation of a school-related violation, they may be allowed to handle that in a confidential manner in the same way a business handles a “personnel issue” privately. But real law-and-order operations don’t work that way. When someone is charged with a crime, that record and the resulting process are public. That way, we don’t end up with law enforcement agencies that secretly nab people off the street and make them disappear. Except for special cases, for instance when juveniles are charged, the legal process is a public one. And quality news organizations report on that process. The Bullet’s unwillingness to turn a blind eye to the charges against fellow UMW students–as you apparently would have it do–marks it as a quality news organization. The Bullet’s job is not to gush about what a great place UMW is and pretend that everything is hunky-dory. It’s not a PR rag. Its job is to cover the news that’s important to its readership, and these charges certainly are. That is evidenced by the number of comments under these stories — clearly, people are talking about the charges. Why on earth would the newspaper not be??

    As for using the suspect’s names, they’re all over 18 and their names are made public record by the nature of the charges against them. Newspapers are not in the business of withholding news just because someone might not want their name in the paper. Same goes for photos — they’re actually a good idea from a legal standpoint so everyone knows the Joe Schmoe charged with a crime isn’t the same Joe Schmoe they see at church every Sunday (or is the same Joe Schmoe as the case may be). The use of photos as identifiers, along with ages and addresses, protect those who *aren’t* accused as much as identifying those who are.

    Cullen, I’m sure some of these suspects are very nice guys — no one’s saying they’re not nice. But they’re charged with breaking the law, plain and simple. Even “the nicest guys around” will occasionally make bad decisions. And bad decisions sometimes result in serious consequences. It doesn’t make your friends not nice. But I bet it makes them a tad regretful. It’s normal to feel bad for what your friends are going through. But it’s incredibly immature and naive to blame the newspaper and its reporters for it.

  15. Anon Y Mous says:

    Interesting article, more interesting comments.

    @Curious: Fair question. Conversely, how many felonies or federal charges are there for illegal possession of alcohol or underage drinking?

  16. UMW junior says:

    In any case, I think the photos were unecessary. Imagine allegedly breaking the law resulting in getting arrested on the spot, probably getting kicked out of school, and publicly shamed on the front page of your school newspaper for all your friends and classmates to see…. all occuring before you are proven guilty?? I saw the pictures and recognized a guy I have class with this semester, and I know he’ s a smart and nice guy. Although he may be responsible for his actions, I can’t imagine the shame and terror of what he’s going through now.

  17. UMW senior says:

    I would have to agree with the comment by UMW junior.

    The original article was essentially verbatim from the Free-Lance Star article, did not give the students enough time to comment on the allegations, wrongly classified the drug “Molly” NOT “Mollies”(it’s just pure ecstasy, you idiots) and read with such lack of creative diction, emotion or flair that I really question the talent of the author…

    With that said, I have only one problem with the updated article. WHY INCLUDE MUGSHOTS? These are students and as with all citizens of the United States they should be regarded to as innocent before proven guilty in a court of law. Although the Bullet has the right to print their mugshots, was this warranted?

    How are these alleged criminals going to be able to continue to study, participate in classes, socialize on-campus, etc. with the knowledge that everyone around them is literally STARING HOLES INTO THE BACKS OF THEIR HEADS?

    How are teachers supposed to grade their work without bias? How are classmates expected to treat them as equals?

    What happens when these students apply to jobs, graduate schools, etc. and they are denied because a simple google search lets everyone know to stay away from these kids?

    And the worst part is, THEY ARE NOT YET CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME.

    Even if the charges for some of the students are dropped, the DAMAGE IS DONE. Nothing is ever erased from the internet (UMW advises us not to post pictures on Facebook, the Bullet must have missed that lecture…). These pictures and articles will forever be preserved in cyberspace and deep into the minds of students, teachers and the community at large.

    A bias is almost impossible to overcome even when new information comes out. The lives of these students are forever changed because the world around them has already drawn permanent labels.

  18. Anon Y Mous says:

    @UMW Junior – Did you complain when they ran the picture of the African American male who assaulted the woman over parent’s weekend?

    Also, ever visit The Smoking Gun, watch COPS, or read any story ever about an arrest? (Again, while you may not like the way this was handled, it’s standard newspaper policy to run names/pics of arrested individuals. Once they’re arrested, their mug shots are fair game).

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