• Reclaim the web

    Gather the artifacts of your digital identity in a central place that you own and control.

  • Take control of your digital identity

    Build out your own space on the web to define who you are instead of having services define you.

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A Domain of One’s Own is a project at the University of Mary Washington that, starting Fall 2013, will provide all incoming freshmen with their own domain names and Web space. Students will have the freedom to create subdomains, install any LAMP-compatible software, setup databases and email addresses, and carve out their own space on the web that they own and control.


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The Domain of One’s Own project is a unique program being offered by the University of Mary Washington. Instead of giving our students the latest gadget or gizmo out of Cupertino we’re offering them a chance to build their own space on the web that they take with them when they leave. The program has been written up in a variety of publications including Wired and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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